The Amazing Blog

Cor must be pretty amazing as it was featured in the Amazing Blog by AmazingPR last week! “If you’re looking for a lovely soap to give you younger looking skin with an even tone then [...]

Beauty & The Snob!

“The New Silver Bullet to Skin Problems & Skincare Fears comes in the form of COR” Beauty and the Snob reviews Cor and she didn’t have a bad word to say. “Well, I’ve [...]

Beauty Fulfilled

Kaushal of Beauty Fulfilled reviewed her test drive of The Cor Silver Soap. After having a few recent breakouts she decided to give the Silver Soap a whirl and she seems to have been impressed [...]

Cosmetic Cravings Review

Victoria from Cosmetic Cravings was impressed when she tried a sample of the Cor Silver Soap.  She won a sample of the Cor Silver Soap Trial Size Pack. When he had trialed all the samples for a [...]

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