The Press

“If you’re looking for a lovely soap to give you younger looking skin with an even tone then it’s worth trying out this Silver Soap.

The Amazing Blog

“It’s pretty genius!” 

Lauren D Gall for The Luxe List

“….. it cures everything.”

The Mayfair Magazine, December 11, 2013

“Cor has created the ultimate in cleansing, toning and moisturising… A real investment” 

Olivia Todd, Milk & Honey

“’revolutionary’ all-in-one bar you’ll be sure to add this to your wishlist

Mist Magazine’s 30 Surprising Gift Ideas. December 19, 2014

Customer Testimonials

Really Helped

“I am a doctor but I am using the soap for my acne which I have been bothered with my whole life. I still get hormonal break outs but has really helped I think!”

Dr Lenaghan, Lanarkshire

My Skin Looked Fresh And Even Toned

“I bought this soap thinking, I must be mad paying £10 for a small piece of soap, but after using it for a couple of days morning and night I am seriously thinking of saving up and buying the larger size. It removed my make up, although mascara and liner needed a bit more than the soap, but my skin looked fresh and even toned and even the lines around my eyes were less noticeable, which is more than most creams do and I’ve tried a lot.I was very impressed and I and in my late 50’s . It last longer than the 7/8 uses if you put it back in the plastic /box that it came in.”

Anon – London, England (via ‘Latest in Beauty’)

Fantastic Little Soap

“I have suffered with Dermatitis on my hands for more than 15 years when my son gave me the Cor soap as a gift. I have tried numerous creams in the past but none had worked. I had never heard of this product before but after using it for just 2 weeks I could see an improvement. My hands were always very sore and looked red but after using Cor I was amazed at the difference it has made to my hands and the discomfort has gone. The Dermatitis has completely cleared up and people who know me have commented on how good my hands look. It has made a big difference to my life as I am not self conscious any more and feel more confident about people seeing my hands, whereas I used to hide them away before. I asked my son to get me some more and was surprised at how great value for money Cor is and will continue to use it. I have also told family and friends about this fantastic little soap.”

Avril, 52 – Dromore, Northern Ireland

My Skin Loves The Soap

“Well, my skin loves the soap, I find it really refines the texture of the skin and helps to balance the overall appearance. I only use it once a day and sometimes every other day as I am trying to find the optimum balance between the cleansing and application of treatment creams or moisturisers. I had a “peel” in September and It took a while for my skin to find it’s balance again,…the Cor soap really seemed to help complete that process. Thank you so much, this is a must have skin product, it smells wonderful and feels so good on the skin”

Hilary, 44, London

A Marvel

“Cor soap is a marvel! I have suffered from eczema most of my life and have been given various steroid treatments by various doctors which do get rid of it but it comes back after a while and I am back to square one. Because I don’t want to continue to put steroids on to my skin I have also tried off the shelf products, some with better results than others… However Cor soap is the first (and only) which hets rid of my eczema but also keeps it at bay even in the harsher winter months – can’t recommend it highly enough!”

James K, 47, Brighton

An Amazing Product

“Cor soap is an amazing product. I am 49 and to my surprise I found the soap did not dry my skin out, as one may think of a soap. Its rich and creamy lather leaves my skin feeling illuminated which is quite difficult for sallow, more mature skins to achieve with one product. I can’t live without it now and it lasts for so long that it works out great value for money which isn’t what one would first think.”

Sian, 49, London

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