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Here at Cor, we’ve long known and explored the benefits of waterless beauty and now waterless products are really making waves on the skincare scene. So, just what is waterless beauty?

It started with K-Beauty…

Korean beauty products are often leading the market in innovation and K-beauty, as it’s come to be known,  “is the product of a country that takes its skincare very, very seriously. The emphasis here is on smooth, glowing, blemish-free skin, rather than layered on makeup or camouflage. This has fuelled some of the most cutting edge R&D labs in the world, which combine traditional knowledge with pathbreaking innovations.” (Byrdie).  One of the biggest innovations to come from this are waterless products.

Why do products have water in them?

Often water can make up around 70% of many lotions, gels and creams and is used because it brings down the cost of beauty items. Water is used as a vehicle to deliver other ingredients, but it can dilute them, making them less efficient, as this means there’s less room for the key ingredients to take centre-stage. This is not the case with The Silver Soap.

What are the benefits?

The concept behind waterless beauty, is that products are created with pure and potent botanical extracts or oils as a base. This  means the product is undiluted and in turn less drying to the skin, which water can be. This concentration of ingredients and lower water content makes them more efficient.

Water is required in the actual activation process, with The Silver Soap a small amount of water is required to activate the foam, but water itself is not included as an ingredient in the product.

Not to mention, the environmental benefits of waterless beauty. Growing concern for water scarcity has driven consumers and producers to look for alternatives to water-packed products.

In some cases, water-based skincare products can interfere with the ideal level of natural oils on skin, skin’s natural pH level is 4.5. Cor soap has a pH of 7.2 while most other soaps have a pH level of 9.5-10.5. Cor’s mild pH level means it will not irritate most skin types.

A spotlight on just a few of The Silver Soap’s many effective ingredients…

Without using water as a base, The Silver Soap contains a number of hero ingredients which hydrate and balance the moisture of the skin. The effective delivery of these ingredients is aided by Cor’s particle-sized silver-silica compound, the sponge-like nature of silica draws the silver and all of Cor’s active natural ingredients into its particles, so that it can richly nourish the skin. This includes ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, which is a wonderful humectant (meaning it retains and preserves moisture). This has been shown to hydrate the skin, allowing it to appear smoother and more radiant. It occurs naturally-in the connective tissue of the body – one gram of HA holds approx six litres of water.

Another notable ingredient is sericin, which has a unique affinity to the keratin of skin, binding to it to form a multifunctional protective film resulting in a tightening, anti-wrinkle effect. The high hydroxy-amino acid content (approx.46%) of Sericin is of particular importance for its water-binding capacity which regulates the skin‘s moisture content. The Silver Soap also features Jojoba Oil, a popular ingredient used in anti-aging for its excellent moisturising properties. Rapidly absorbed, this helps retain the skin’s natural moisture whilst leaving a rich, velvety non-oily feel on the skin.

Discover more about all of The Silver Soap’s effective, key ingredients

To bring you this insight on waterless beauty we explored a number of great websites and articles, including Byrdie, Glow Recipe and Into The Gloss

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